Mentoring & on the Job Training


The JSSP Mentoring Program applies current best international mentoring practices to expand the capacity and sustainability of Afghan Justice Sector Institutions.  JSSP subject matter experts and advisors are engaged as mentors across numerous functional areas within the Afghan Justice Sector including: budget and procurement; human resources; policy, planning and operations; communications and reporting; and training management and administration.

JSSP selects international and local national advisors as mentors based upon education, experience, background and training.  JSSP provides in-house training for all subject matter experts and advisors designated as mentors.  JSSP also conducts ongoing mentoring needs assessments to establish the best match between JSSP mentors and designated Afghan Justice Sector officials, to clearly identify mentoring objectives, and to develop detailed mentoring plans for key Afghan Justice Sector officials.

JSSP synchronizes training, mentoring and logistical support to more effectively and efficiently develop capacity and sustainability within Afghan Justice Sector.  JSSP also conducts independent measuring and evaluation to measure the effectiveness of mentoring support.  

On the job Training

On-the-job training is provided to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Attorney General’s Office (AGO) Human Resources (HR) and Administration and Finance (A&F) Departments to assist employee learning of computer skills, efficient and effective use of email, detailed and accurate report and official letter writing, correct completion of budget forms and procurement standard bidding documents, preparation of a thorough chart of accounts, and writing comprehensive evaluation reports.

The MOJ Taqnin (legislative drafting department) employees receive on-the-job training on drafting legislation to ensure compliance with international conventions and legislative drafting best practices.  JSSP translators embedded in the Taqnin provide on-the-job training to MOJ translators on techniques for English legal terminology usage and translation, proofreading translated documents, and important aspects of writing in Dari. 

MOJ criminal defense attorney on-the-job training includes improvement of client and witness interview techniques, analysis of individual case facts and statutory elements of offenses charged, and writing persuasive defense statements that advocate the best interests of clients.

A Primer for Practitioners

Tool to practical introduction to rule of law development in Afghanistan, cross-referencing training and educational support material.

Latest Report

Women's Access to Justice in Afghanistan: Since the fall of the Taliban in 2002, gains in women’s rights and access to justice in Afghanistan have been remarkable, yet women’s rights remain extremely limited.