Gender Justice

JSSP is tasked with promoting gender justice initiatives that specifically focus on the rights of women.  JSSP actively supports the Afghan justice institutions and actors to ensure that they are, and are perceived as being, fair, honest, and transparent, particularly when dealing with issues related to gender justice, juvenile justice, and vulnerable groups.  JSSP seeks to address Afghan buy-in and sustainability.

JSSP’s Gender Justice Advisors conduct specialized training for legal professionals and Afghan officials on women’s rights.  JSSP provides advisory services and assistance to various Afghan government agencies that give support to women, including the Ministry of Women’s Affairs’ Legal Rights (Huquq) Department and the Ministry of Interior’s Gender, Child and Human Rights Department.  Additionally, JSSP also offers capacity building and training services to police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and corrections officers, so they are better able to understand and correctly apply laws that directly affect women. 

A Primer for Practitioners

Tool to practical introduction to rule of law development in Afghanistan, cross-referencing training and educational support material.

Latest Report

Women's Access to Justice in Afghanistan: Since the fall of the Taliban in 2002, gains in women’s rights and access to justice in Afghanistan have been remarkable, yet women’s rights remain extremely limited.