Afghan Prosecutors Association

Landscape Description

The Afghan Prosecutors Association (APA) was established in 2009 as an independent, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, social and professional organization for prosecutors employed by the Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office (AGO). The objectives of the APA include safeguarding the role of prosecutors, promoting the rule of law and social justice, and advancing the professional knowledge of members.

Program Summary/Description

JSSP provides ongoing training, mentoring, and material support to help expand the capacity of the APA to conduct professional training, recruit membership, establish chapters in remote and underserved provinces, and achieve sustainability as an independent professional association for Afghan prosecutors.

Project Components

JSSP supports the APA Outreach Program to establish chapters and recruit members in all of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces. JSSP also assists the APA in conducting a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program for its members through workshops in provinces throughout Afghanistan. JSSP also provides administrative and material support to the APA to establish membership and financial records, regularly collect membership dues and achieve sustainability.


    • JSSP helped to establish the Afghan Prosecutors Association in 2009.

    • Provided support to the APA Outreach Program to recruit members and establish chapters, especially in remote provinces. From the fall of 2011 to the fall of 2013, the APA conducted 14 outreach events in provinces such as Kandahar, Helmand, Herat, Balkh, and Bamyan. As a result of the outreach program, the APA has doubled its membership and transformed itself from a Kabul-based institution to more of a national organization.

    • Provided furniture and office supplies to the APA to establish a permanent office in Kabul at the end of 2012. Prior to the establishment of the permanent office, APA officials worked out of their AGO offices and were forced to borrow AGO office supplies. Now APA officials can conduct independent meetings and maintain membership and financial records in the APA office.

    • Provided support to the APA to conduct CLE workshops for more than 300 prosecutors located in 14 provinces outside of Kabul.

A Primer for Practitioners

Tool to practical introduction to rule of law development in Afghanistan, cross-referencing training and educational support material.

Latest Report

Women's Access to Justice in Afghanistan: Since the fall of the Taliban in 2002, gains in women’s rights and access to justice in Afghanistan have been remarkable, yet women’s rights remain extremely limited.