“To succeed, we must draw upon the power of our example—that means viewing our commitment to our values and the rule of law as a strength, and not an inconvenience.”
-  President Barack Obama, U.S. National Security Strategy 2015

Who We Are

Assistance programs managed by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in Afghanistan are designed to address critical and complex U.S. national security objectives amid one of the most difficult operating environments in the world. Within the context of broader U.S. interagency strategies on Afghanistan, INL’s objective is to assist the Afghan government to assume and sustain basic responsibility for combating illicit narcotics and providing rule of law…. Rule of law priorities include improving and expanding access to the state justice sector, increasing capacity, reducing corruption, and partnering with the Government of Afghanistan to develop a safe, secure, and humane Afghan corrections system that meets international standards and Afghan cultural requirements.

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Did You Know?

The World Justice Project’s corruption poll results for Afghanistan:  In the last 3 years, 58% of Afghan respondents paid a bribe to police officers, 64% of them paid government officials to procure official documents,  and 36% paid for treatment in public hospitals.

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A Primer for Practitioners

Tool to practical introduction to rule of law development in Afghanistan, cross-referencing training and educational support material.

Latest Report

Women's Access to Justice in Afghanistan: Since the fall of the Taliban in 2002, gains in women’s rights and access to justice in Afghanistan have been remarkable, yet women’s rights remain extremely limited.